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Episode List: June 2011 - November 2011

Image Title Original Airdate Episode
Phoebe Being Possessed Back to the Death June 27, 2011 179 9.01
Possessed by the 'thought dead' Source, Phoebe kills one of her sisters whilst the other must go back in time and reset it.
Paige Hit By Potion What the Paige Knows July 4, 2011 180 9.02
After fighting a powerful demon, Paige turns against her sisters and tries to kill them, Piper and Phoebe must return to the Underworld to try and fix Paige.
Piper Annoyed About Demon Mess Magic Can't Handle Me July 11, 2011 181 9.03
When getting annoyed about 'Demon Clean-Up' Piper sneakily and temporarily strips her and her sister's powers only for her to realize how much she loves magic. She tries to get them back and receives a little surprise.
Paige in Demonland Demonland July 18, 2011 182 9.04
After discovering a 'new demon hideout' Paige forgets all about it when she leaves, she tries a potion to bring her lost memories back.
Spell to Bring Back Lost ONes Lost Witches Part 1 July 25, 2011 183 9.05
After returning from their battle the Sisters realize they were not the only ones stumbling across 'Demonland'. Piper, Phoebe and Paige must also make a hard, life changing decision that could help them fight of this new demonic spawn.
Prue Returns Lost Witches Part 2 August 1, 2011 184 9.06
After resurrecting the one they truly loved, the Sisters are suddenly attacked by thousands of demons; leaving the Manor in pieces and the Power of Four are missing.
Manor's Recreation Tick Tock August 8, 2011 185 9.07
The sisters only have five hours to tell the world that Prue is alive, and to re-create the Manor. Meanwhile a demon from the Piper's, Phoebe's and Paige's past comes back to wreak havoc on their second chance.
Prue Uses Her New Power Orbing Minds August 15, 2011 186 9.08
The Seer has come back to ruin the Charmed Ones. Prue discovers she has a new power and Piper receives some shocking news!
Banishing The Seer from The Manor Breaking Piper August 22, 2011 187 9.09
With Piper being held by The Seer; Prue, Phoebe, Paige and Leo must a way to save her and the baby before The Seer does something to them.
Piper in Rockabye Demon Rockabye Demon September 12, 2011 188 9.10
Leo says that there is a demon killing murderers so Prue and Paige go out to vanquish him whilst Piper and Phoebe go out looking for a piece of the Seer's flesh to complete her vanquishing potion.
Prue Sucked Through Time Vortex Fantastic Prue September 19, 2011 189 9.11
With the vanquishing potion now complete, Prue (on her own) projects to the Seer where she is in for a little surprise.
Prue Astral Sticks Helpless in San Francisco September 26, 2011 190 9.12
Prue's powers go wacky again whilst Piper, Phoebe and Paige go to vanquish the Seer. The Sister's bite more than they can chew and Prue must save the day.
Astral Projection in She Fights Alone
She Fights Alone October 3, 2011 191 9.13
A huge arguement brakes out which results in separation of the Power of Four. Prue walks out to the other side of town where she begins to fight off and vanquish hundreds of demons. Piper, Phoebe and Paige have to prevent an event that could decimate all that is good.
Jack in Jack is Back Jack is Back October 10, 2011 192 9.14
Prue returns to her Motel where is stunned to find Jack Sheridan (her ex-boyfriend) in the middle of her bedroom/living-room. Meanwhile, the Power of Three find themselves trapped in the Underworld.
Paige Focuses in Her Shield Shield Me October 17, 2011 193 9.15
Paige starts practicing her 'Orb Shield' abilities and everytime Prue tries to get close to her sisters she is suddenly zapped away.
Prue in Hear Me Roar Hear Me Roar! October 24, 2011 194 9.16
Piper, Phoebe and Paige deny Prue's request to be heard so she attacks. Jack barks up the wrong tree and gets more then what he bargained for.
Phoebe in Doomed Doomed October 31, 2011 195 9.17
A spell gone wrong results in the ressurection of an old 'friend' which leads to another transformation for Phoebe. Meanwhile, Prue has to tell Jack the 'Big Secret' so that he can come to terms with his new ability.
Piper in Family Witch Family Witch November 7, 2011 196 9.18
Piper shows her true colors when she confronts Cole after he takes Prue, Paige and Jack from her as well. Phoebe returns to her normal state after seeing the demise of her enemy.
Cole Finally Dead Déjà Voodoo November 14, 2011 197 9.19
During this Season Finale, Cole is sent back to the Cosmic Void but this leads to the close death of Jack. They travel to a Voodooist and get Jack's powers extracted but an expensive potion costs Piper her new restaurant. At the end of the day Piper's waters brake and they run to the hospital.