Premonition is the ability to see into the past, present, and future. This power is said to be highly desirable, since it often helps a witch evade dangerous situations although some view it a burden. Extremely powerful psychic's can hear sounds, such as speech or explosions within their visions. They can also feel what the person/s in their visions are mentally and pyhsically experiencing, such as pain, fear and even heat.

This was Phoebe Halliwell's primary power that she has used countless times during the series to help defeat demons and save innocents. In late Season Six, Phoebe had her powers taken away from her including that of Premonitions. She later gained this one back in Season Seven. During late Seasons, Phoebe learnt how to call her premonitions which by Season Nine, she did not need to touch or hear something to receive one. The is one of the Charmed Ones most useful abilities as it allows them to predict and prepare for an attack as well as form a suitable plan to work in their favor.