Nick Wallace
Character Information
Birth date Early 2000
Species Evil - Witch
Status Alive
  • Mother and Father †
  • Sister †
Notable powers
Portrayed by

Alex Pettyfer

Nick Wallace (born 2000) is an extremely powerful evil - witch that was approached by Wyatt after the cataclysm killed his sister; Nick rebelled against Wyatt and joined Ava.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Astral Manipulation (astrakinesis) - travel to and manipulate the astral plane, see spirits, make spirits visible to others, trap people there, slight influence over the dead and being able to create a stream of astral energy to either shield or attack.
  • Pain Inducement - the ability to make any given person feel an immense amount of invisible pain, this is a perfect ability for rendering someone immobile. This is ability is the exact counter of Tyler's, making Tyler immune to this certain ability.